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Sun City Center

Tampa Bay, Florida

There is a lot to brag about at Sun City Center in Tampa Bay, Florida. It’s never been forced to put up with a hurricane or a snowstorm. Instead, tropical breezes are a staple of its weather pattern pretty much year-round, and it has the added bonus of being near major metropolitan areas.

One of only three communities in the world built directly by Del Webb – in 1962 – it is now managed and operated solely by its residents, who volunteer their time and talent.

An active adult community for those 55 and older, Sun City Center has 10,345 residents and spans four miles from north to south and a mile-and-a-half from east to west. New construction continues and will do so for another five years.

Sun City Center, Tampa Bay, FL“There is no other community like Sun City Center,” said Communications Director John Bowker. “My wife, Linda, and I traveled 48 states in our mobile home prior to moving here in 1991, and there is no other place like it. There are so many things to like about this place.”

Located on the temperate western side of central Florida, Sun City Center is naturally air conditioned by cool breezes from Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

“We also have the urban atmosphere of St. Petersburg, the art culture of Sarasota and professional sports out of Tampa. The beaches at Tampa Bay are a great place to take the grandkids,” said Bowker. “We have all of these things and yet we are pretty secluded.”

One of the main features of Sun City Center also is what sets it apart from other retirement communities throughout Florida and the Southeast.

“We have the Sun City Community Association, which is an independent, not-for-profit corporation that serves the residents of Sun City Center,” said Bowker. “Our administration has successfully run the community for 49 years. It is made up solely of volunteers from within the community, with a series of civic associations.”

Sun City Center has a remarkable array of services that help make the community a safe, healthy and enjoyable place to live. The volunteers, trained in their various committees, offer newcomer hospitality services, a security patrol, the Guardianship Foundation, a support group, tax assistance and an emergency squad.